No Idea Complete – Dance Film

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Cinematography and Film, Dance

I had a fabulous afternoon this summer filming an experimental piece for composer Jo Butler. Music was provided by Jo and dancers were laid on by the 3rd Stage Dance Company of Bristol / Bath.
It was all pretty free-form but the main idea was to create discrete time and space for each dancer and still maintain a sense of uniformity of space.

We used natural light where we could plus a small kicker light or reflector for the darker areas. Considering it was all shot on a battered Canon 5D MKII and the sun was coming in and going going behind clouds every two minutes i don’t think we did too badly. At the moment i’m considering getting an Ursa Camera which will give me more latitude in the situations but for simple web videos the 5D is still hard to beat if conditons are right. There’s certainly no point in going down the Canon 5d MK IV route for video.

Dancers Sara Mather, Luke Antysz and Dan Martin were filmed in different spaces within an old part of the Paintworks complex in Bristol. This used to be where Deal or no Deal was filmed until production as moved to Bottleyard studios and the spaces here are now empty and fairly decrepit.

The film was shown on the Bristol big screen throughout the summer and i think showcases the individual dance styles well. Jo’s minimal piano was overdubbed with real recordings taken from astronauts on the Moon and the whole thing works together to creates something other worldly yet very definitely set in the here and now.

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