Snettisham & RSPB Reserve

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016 in Photography, UK Landmarks and Visitor Sights

It’s one of those days when cloud stretches in a formless uniform mass from one end of the horizon to the other. Typically British basically.

I head out to Snettisham from King’s Lynn where i plan on walking a little way along the coast that forms part of an RSPB nature reserve. It’s blustery and the walk from the car park to the coast takes you alongside some interesting salt/freshwater lagoons.

Snettisham Concrete

Concrete slabs at Snettisham
(Photo, Grant Pollard)

The concrete slabs are remnants of a roadway that was ripped up during a particular storm.  Water is seriously powerful.

Snettisham Mud Flats

Snettisham Mud Flats – An RSPB Nature reserve

The mud flats at the coast aren’t you usual idea of a picture postcard form the sea but the wind and the barren nature of the place are very peaceful. There are no fat people with bad tattoos to spoil the view.

Jetty at Snettisham RSPB Nature reserve

Jetty at Snettisham RSPB Nature Reserve

Opposite a Bird Hide on the reserve is an old jetty that was used for loading and unloading when the area was excavated for gravel manufacture. The blurring at bottom is caused by the wind moving the grasses about during this 20 second exposure.

Taste The Feeling

Taste The Feeling

The mud flats are home to geese, waders and all sorts of bird that frankly i am not qualified to talk about. There’s not too much rubbish around but this coke can caught my eye as it’s in stark contrast to the promotional ‘save the planet’ cobblers all the drink manufacturers pump into living rooms via adverts. If coke production was stopped tomorrow i think we’d get over it very quickly. Soft drinks are … well… they’re just soft drinks. If you want to be green and help save the planet drink water from the tap.


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