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Timanfaya and El Hierro

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Europe, Photography, Travel

Twisty winding roads and a semi-lunar landscape mark out areas of the Canary Islands as being a little bit special.

Timanfaya 'Fire Mountain'

Timanfaya ‘Fire Mountain’ National Park in Lanzarote
(Photo by G Pollard / Films.GB)

An accessible location for solidified lava flows and (still active) calderas is in the north of Lanzarote; in the national park known as Timanfaya. There are some pretty good views across the lower ash plains and towards the larger volcanic basins.

Caldera at Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote

A Large Caldera at Timanfaya ‘Fire Mountain’ National Park in Lanzarote
(Photo by G Pollard / Films.GB)

A plus point of a visit to this area is that you can then pop over to the volcanic island of El Hierro – seen here from the mainland.

Picture of El Hierro Island

The Island of El Hierro seen from the Lanzarote Mainland
(Photo by G Pollard / Films.GB)

I used a 500mm mirror lens to enlarge the view of the port at E Hierro – the problem with this particular lens is that it’s not the sharpest… however it’s so small and light that sometimes i can trade resolution for the simple pleasure of being able to carry it all day without breaking into a sweat.

The Port at El Hierro

The Port at El Hierro with volcanic caldera in background
(Photo by G Pollard / Films.GB)

I may also have used a X2 enlarger on this shot…. to be honest i can’t remember. The problem with using the 1000mm lens this doubler produces is that the slightest wind or tremble produces noticeable shudder through the lens; making it hard to use for video except in very sheltered conditions.